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Land Assembly

We assemble multiple adjacent properties to create a larger redevelopment opportunity in order to yield a higher return on your investment.

What is Land Assembly

​Land assembly is the process of combining several properties to create a single development site. The most typical locations for land assembly are those where individual parcels are too small to be developed separately.

The process & How it works

The process of assembling land can be difficult and drawn out, requiring extensive negotiation. In the field of real estate development, timing is key, thus having qualified professionals and a well-coordinated plan is crucial. The team will include, among others, planners, architects, rights-of-light surveyors, development financiers, and neighborhood public partners.

Keys to Success

Market research and development feasibility analyses

Proforma analyses

In-depth stakeholder interviews

Customized strategic plans

Verified developer network


Expert negotiations


Communicating consistently with all parties

Professional marketing 

Industrial Properties

Our Industrial Sale and Lease services ensure seamless property transactions. Sellers and buyers benefit from tailored solutions, expert support, simplified leasing, and effortless navigation of industrial real estate.

Hardware Warehouse

For Sellers

Maximize your returns with our strategic marketing approach. Our team of experienced professionals will create a tailored marketing plan to showcase your industrial property's unique features and advantages. Through targeted outreach and a vast network, we ensure your property gains maximum exposure to potential buyers. We handle negotiations with precision, striving to secure the best deal possible on your behalf. Our goal is to streamline the selling process, delivering optimal results and a hassle-free experience.

For Buyers

Discover a diverse selection of industrial properties ready for lease, each with its own set of benefits. Our team conducts in-depth assessments of potential properties, taking into consideration your specific requirements and business goals. We guide you through the negotiation process, leveraging our industry insights to secure favorable terms. Our dedication doesn't end once the deal is finalized – we provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition into your new industrial space.

Leasing Services

Navigating the complexities of industrial leasing is made simple with our expert guidance. We assist both landlords and tenants in structuring lease agreements that are fair, transparent, and aligned with their respective objectives. Our team stays updated on market trends, ensuring that lease terms remain competitive and beneficial over the long term. From initial consultation to lease signing, our services are designed to simplify the leasing process and foster successful landlord-tenant relationships.

Keys to Success

Understanding the local market

Consulting with accountant and lawyers


Financing overview 


Layout formation for optimal space management 


Systematic lead generation 

Investment Properties

One of the most sought-after types of commercial real estate in the Greater Toronto Area is multifamily property. 


Building a portfolio

From income projections to cost analysis, we offer all fundamental financial analyses to establish value.  Due to our extensive involvement in land development, we are also able to identify multifamily assets with land development potential.

Off Market Properties

A large number of transactions are carried out outside of the traditional MLS system. Thanks to our fantastic prospect network, you have more investment options.

Keys to Success

Multi-Family Brokers with Experience

Thorough market research, thorough appraisals, and detailed income predictions 

​Potential redevelopment synopsis 

Multifamily sellers and investors with a strong network 

Ability to access off-market opportunities 

Project Sales

Confidently select TAL Group to manage the sales effort for your forthcoming project.

Pro Forma Financial Analysis

Due to our team's experience in commercial real estate and development land, we have a thorough understanding of land economics and buildable costs. As a result, TAL Group offers a definite edge for starting your forthcoming project.

Off Market Properties

Your target markets will be identified through our marketing strategy, which will also offer pricing points that maximise exposure to qualified consumers and maximise profit margins. There's bound to be excitement in the air as your project is exposed through a variety of marketing outlets.

Keys to Success

Market research 


Competition research


Identifying your target market(s)

Pricing positioning 


Direct, timely communication with you


Marketing, sales, engagement, and reporting

Do you have a land to assemble?

If your property has the potential for land assembly or redevelopment, schedule a meeting with us to talk about the viability of the project.

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