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Land Assembly


289-297 Balliol Street (6 Property Assembly) 

Represented Sellers

Project Details

Menkes Developments Ltd. undertook a transformative land assembly project, bringing together six strategically located properties with

a combined frontage of 110 feet. The proposed development includes a striking condominium complex comprising 260 units across 28 stories.

Tal Group played a pivotal role in representing the sellers throughout the acquisition process.

Project Scope & Responsibilities

Highest and Best Use Determination

Conducted a thorough analysis to determine the optimal use of the assembled properties.

Neighbouring Owner Engagement

Initiated communication with neighbouring property owners to discuss potential collaboration and advised on the most suitable type of sale.


Community Meetings

Facilitated collaborative discussions among property owners, emphasizing transparency and shared vision.


Listing Presentation

Developed a comprehensive listing presentation to showcase the potential of the assembled properties.


Document Gathering

Collected essential documents, including surveys and property tax records, relevant to the subject lands.


Market Research

Identified and evaluated proposed lands with higher density in close proximity to ensure the project's competitiveness.

Conducted in-depth research on market conditions, past sales, land deals, and pre-construction sales.


Buyer's Package Creation

Compiled a detailed buyer's package to attract potential investors and developers.


Buyer Engagement

Discussed the sale opportunity with potential buyers, providing regular feedback to the sellers.


Offer Presentation and Negotiation

Presented compelling offers to potential buyers and skillfully negotiated terms to maximize value for the sellers.


Due Diligence Handling

Managed the due diligence process, including site visits, and navigated subsequent contract negotiations within tight time constraints.


Legal Documentation

Worked closely with legal representatives to organize and finalize all necessary documentation for a seamless transaction.

Project Details

Property Type







Menkes Developments Ltd.

Property Location

289-297 Balliol Street Toronto, ON

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