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Deepti Kaushal

Deepti Kaushal

Sales Representative

Deepti Kaushal is an esteemed realtor with a rich legacy in Ontario's real estate scene since 2019. Specializing in both residential and commercial properties, Deepti is dedicated to facilitating seamless and successful transactions. With a commitment to client satisfaction, her tailored approach ensures that whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, your unique goals are met.

Deepti's forte lies in her ability to conduct meticulous analyses, thorough evaluations, and skillful negotiations, ensuring that each real estate experience is not only smooth but also tailored to individual aspirations. Whether you're entering the market with a robust portfolio or taking your first steps in real estate, Deepti is dedicated to understanding and fulfilling your unique goals.


Recognizing that every client journey is distinct, Deepti personalizes her services to meet your specific needs. Join her on a commercial real estate journey that goes beyond transactions — a journey that reflects your aspirations and culminates in success.

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